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The Lead Generator
Networking Meeting:
-Learn how to use the Lead Generator to generate highly-qualified sales leads
-Learn how to save money on everything you buy
-Learn how to leverage what you know to take your sales to the next level, and beyond.
-Generate leads in real time!


Post information about your Company, it's offerings, and it's Needs, and get access other Users who need your Products and Services.


Get highly-qualified sales leads - access to decision makers who need your products and services, and want to talk with you about how you can help!


Why "the Lead Generator"?

It's long been said of Marketing that "you have to spend money to make money."

But while some businesses have enough money to break through the clutter, most don't. And that's why a lot of businesses go out-of-business. And that's a problem!

The Lead Generator was created to change the rules of the game. So you can grow your business, and not break the bank.

Higher Sales • Lower Costs • Fatter Profits.


Everything You Need, All in One Place

The Lead Generator is more than just a database of needs, leads and contacts. When it comes to making your numbers, The Lead Generator has everything you need!

The Lead Generator Platform

Success starts with the Lead Generator - a powerful platform that works like a "dating site" for business.

The Lead Generator Network

When you join, you become part of the Lead Generator Network - where you can get support from professionals and peers who are dedicated helping you achieve your sales goals. Solutions

And when achieving success takes more than just generating qualified leads, you also get access to dozens of solutions, and decades of experience, from


How Does The Lead Generator Work?

The Lead Generator was built a little bit like a "dating site", but for businesses. You have to put in your Company Profile, which includes information about what you sell, as well as what you need to buy. But if you do, you get to see other users' profiles. Your needs become leads for them, and their needs become leads for you!

It's as easy as 1-2-3!




Products & Services






Maximize Your Marketing ROI

When you have more time than money, it's easy to run out of both. But with the Lead Generator you can leverage your scarce resources - and turn them into bankable opportunities.

The Lead Generator was designed to help you break through the clutter, and reach real decision-makers who need your products or services, and who want to talk with you about how you can help.

In other words: You can find real opportunities - at a cost anyone can afford - on the Lead Generator.

The Lead Generator Works for Any Type of Business

The Lead Generator Works for Any Size Business


Find New Sales, Grow New Market Share

For many companies, "market share" is everything. It enables you to be the price leader, and to protect your margins, without having to sacrifice service or quality.

The Lead Generator can not only help you gain market share at will, it can enable you to integrate better in your communities, implement fair procurement practices, find talent and partners, and take your growth to the next level - and beyond.


Increase Your Revenue While Simultaneously Lowering Costs, Time, Effort and Risk

By posting information that you already have - which costs you nothing, and which has little value to you - you get access to information that you want: information that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive to acquire.

That's leverage!

The Lead Generator Is Your New Profit Center


The Lead Generator is built from the ground-up to enable you to generate highly qualified sales leads, and take your business to the next level - and beyond.

Contact Data

Users enter their contact information, so you know exactly who the decision maker is. And we back that up with ZoomInfo - the most accurate third-party source of contact information in the world.


The most important data in the Lead Generator are "needs" - current or latent procurement requirements of active users. If someone expresses a need for your product, it's real!

Products & Services

Users post their companies' post their products and services, so you can infer needs, too. And you can run ads, post blogs, and chat, too.


"Leads" are free-text descriptions of opportunities - because not every need is for a commodity. And success is all about leveraging what you know, of course.

The Network

Get personalized support with local, face-to-face and virtual networking activities to further build your sales. Join, or start a group today!

Add a built-in CRM, messaging system, training modules, advertising media, blog space, and more - and you have everything you need to succeed.


What They Say About "the Lead Generator"

The Lead Generator provides many benefits. But the one that means the most, to the most users, is its ability to provide real, qualified sales leads. Here's what they're saying:

"The Lead Generator Actually Works!"

  • "Using the Lead Generator makes it easy to find qualified prospects. All you need to do is post your own company's products and services, and its needs, and you can find other users who need your services with one click." - Scott T.

  • "I signed on for the Lead Generator. At first, nothing happened. Then they brought a lead to my attention. Turned out positive. So I went online and searched the Needs area matching my Products & Services. Found 5 more good leads. Found another two days later. Great contacts. Still working on them. Ill keep you posted. Trick is, you've got to be proactive." - Jerry S.

  • "Thanks very much. The leads are exactly what I'm looking for." - Ruth P.

  • "Thanks very much for getting me these leads. I thought these companies would be good prospects before, but wasn't able to get through to them. Now I know they are, and I can reach them at last!" - Larkey M.

  • "Thanks a lot for putting this together. We're in a very specialized, albeit competitive, market. And the Lead Generator lets us focus our time on prospects who really need what we have to sell." - Charles B.

  • "We found two leads just in our initial search, and they are ideal prospects for us. Thanks! That was easy." - Bob P.

  • "Thanks for hooking me up with Bob. I never would have found him, or known he had a need, without the Lead Generator." - Donna N.

  • "Thanks very much for developing the Lead Generator. It's a great tool for me, and for our member businesses." - George W.

Upcoming Groups / Events

The Lead Generator is more than just a platform for generating sales leads. The Lead Generator is also a Networking Group (with chapters opening in your area soon), a support team, and dozens of partners dedicated to helping you grow your business!

Meeting details

Meeting details

Meeting details

With The Lead Generator, Success Is in Your Hands!

The Lead Generator is all about maximizing your ROI. And that means helping you grow your top line sales, reduce your costs, and fatten your margins!

If you're looking for growth, look no further. The Lead Generator is your new secret weapon.