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What is the Lead Generator?
Are you tired of playing the "numbers game?" Are you frustated with networking on the "rubber chicken circuit?" Would you like to work less, but sell more? You can, with the Lead Generator.

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As any experienced marketer will tell you, it's better to work smarter (i.e. focusing on the few people who actually need your products or services,) than to work harder (i.e. prospecting to a lot of suspects and hoping someone has a need.) With the Lead Generator you can eliminate the waste in your marketing program, and spend more time closing business and less time looking for it.

The key to being efficient, of course, is having high-quality information on your prospects, and focusing on the few that actually need your products or services; rather than having limited (or poor,) information on a lot of unqualified suspects (like you get when you buy a mailing list,) and hoping someone responds to your promotions. The latter is the road to frustration, while the former is the road to success. But finding such high-quality information has been impossible - until now.

What would it mean if you had high-quality information about your prospects? Information such as:
  • Who their decision makers are, including having direct access to their decision makers
  • What they do, what they want and, most importantly, what they need, including whether they need your company's products or services
  • And all of it updated in real time
What would having this kind of information mean for your business? What would it mean to your sales efficiency? And what would it mean for your bottom line to get all this with an investment of less than 15 minutes a day? Because you can find it, and more, on the Lead Generator. So if you're serious about growing your business, read on - because "hope" is not a strategy!

How - and Why - the Lead Generator Works
Do you know that you own something that's worth many, many thousands of dollars - but you can't monetize so much as one dime of it?

Think about it: Businesses pay millions of dollars to market research firms for information about companies like yours; information like who your decision makers are, what you do, and what your company needs. And they spend even more money trying to understand your personal attributes, needs and buying habits, as well. But the fact of the matter is that, while you have all this information, that is, you know all about your business and your personal needs, no one will pay you for it. (It would be too expensive to pay everyone, you see.) Instead, they turn to market research firms to do surveys and figure it out, and you get nothing in return.

And what if you need this same kind of information on your own prospects so you could grow your own business? Just like other marketers, you'd have buy or conduct expensive market research yourself, or acquire a database - knowing that the data is usually out-of-date or irrelevant, and it rarely tells you who actually needs or wants your products in the first place, plus they never guarantee that you can actually make contact with the prospect.

How ironic is that? On the one hand, you have in your possession all this information about your company (or yourself) - information like what you need and who you are - that other people want, but for which the people who need it aren't willing to pay you for it. And yet you can't buy that same information about your prospects for anything approaching a reasonable cost.

The reason, of course, is that it's just too expensive. It would be too expensive to gather all this information about every prospect, whether business or consumer. Unless, of course, everyone simply "donated" it...

The Lead Generator, however, has the solution. Because the Lead Generator asks a very simple question, and proposes to its users a very simple deal: Would you be willing to make your information available online in order to get access to other companies' (or individuals',) information? In other words, is having access to other people's information worth posting your own? For example,
  • Would you be willing to post detailed information about your company - including your Organization Chart - in order to get access to this same kind of information about other companies (which would include your prospects)?
  • Would you be willing to post a list of your company's products and services in order to get access to a list of your prospects' products and services? And most importantly,
  • Would you be willing to post a list of your company's (or even your personal) needs in order to get access to your prospects needs?
If you're like most businesses, posting your needs and other data is a small price to pay indeed to get access to a database that has everyone else's needs.

But that's what the Lead Generator is all about: It's a system - a process, really - where "You show me yours, and I'll show you mine." If you post your data, you can get access to other companies' data. Whatever it is that you want to know about other companies, you first have to post to the database about your company. But that's how, and why, the Lead Generator works.

Trade Your Needs - for Leads; and leverage your buying power to increase your sales. It works!


User's Guide (Printable version, 2-sided, legal paper)