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The Best Way To Insure That You Get Leads From The Lead Generator

The Lead Generator is a simple but powerful system for generating lots of high quality sales leads. In fact, the system is actually patented (US patent number 5,623,660.)

In spite of this, though, the key to your success in using the system boils down to two things.

First, you have to "play by the rules." This means that you have to post the data that the system requests, such as your company's purchasing requirements, (i.e. what it makes and/or sells,) and a brief description of your company. You also have to read your messages every once in a while so people can network with you. (Of course, if you can't network with people -- even online -- what are you doing in sales?) Also, use the system often -- at least weekly.

Second -- and this is really what makes the system work for you -- is to tell everyone in business you know about the system. The reason is that The Lead Generator is basically just a big networking tool where the price of access is for you to declare what your company needs and/or buys. This information, of course, becomes a lead for people who want to sell something to your company. At the same time, though, other people are inputting their needs, many of which will become leads for you. The more people there are on the system, the more leads there will be.

Some of the people you might want to tell about the system include your customers' sales reps, and their purchasing people. Their sales reps can use the system to get leads for themselves, of course, which will make them grateful to you for telling them about the system. The purchasing people will use the system to "shop," which will them save money. And some of what they shop for will be your products and services.

Also, tell your prospects about it. Tell their salespeople. Tell other salespeople. Tell your friends who are "staff" types; after all, their companies have salesforces, too. If you have an email list for broadcasting jokes or tidbits of info, put a note out about The Lead Generator. "Whisper-down-the-lane" really works.

By the way, tell your competitors's customers, too; especially the guys whom you can't get in to see. This will show them that you care about their business -- which can ingratiate them to you -- and it can only help when they put their needs on the system.

BUT -- and this is important -- DON'T TELL YOUR COMPETITORS (unless you are planning on changing jobs soon.)

We mean it: The best way to get leads on the system is to tell people about it.

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