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If you're considering subscribing to The Lead Generator, you may be curious about what's in the data base. Below are a couple of random samples of leads that should give you some idea of what to expect. They come right out of the data base.

The first thing to keep in mind is that a lead can exist in any form on The Lead Generator. And when we refer to a "lead" (with a lower case "l,") we mean "a piece of information that may be in the Company Descriptions area, the Products and Services area, the Needs area, the Leads area, or the Ads area of the system that represents an opportunity for someone to sell something." When we refer to a "Lead" (with an upper case "L,") we mean "a piece of data from the Leads area of the system."

Anyway, with that as background, below you can find some random examples of leads that came directly from the data base. For obvious reasons, we masked the identities of the parties, but the substance is accurate.

Leads from the Leads Area of the Data Base

When you're searching the Leads area of the data base, you enter a keyword on which to match text in the lead. So if you sold copier paper, and entered "paper" as your search string, you would get a hit on the first example; and maybe you would recognize this as a pretty good lead.

  • "National co op of service companies looking for supplier of 3 hole and plain paper for copier and laser printer "
  • "Items our company would need would include office supplies, moving equipment, diesel truck supplies, storage equipment, uniform supply, labor, along with other things associated with the moving and storage industry."
  • "I am looking to partner up with construction companies to join up our data cabling competencies with their construction capabilities."
  • "There is a customer in the Wxxxxxx area that may be in need of telecommunications assistance."
  • "We are currently working on a products and services catalog that we will be distributing to our clients, and are in need of a printer to handle the final production. Please contact at your earliest convenience."
  • "We are looking for manufacturers, suppliers of high bright back lights for use in our own high bright displays."
  • "Need homeowners insurance quotes for a client purchasing a home."
  • "We use black lacquered aluminum plates for our memorials. Would be interested in receiving a quote on 100 or more plates of dimension 1.348x3.938."
  • "Looking for hi-color Easel board manufacturer."
  • "Looking for fire safety equipment, fire extinquishers, first aid for small corporate office."

Leads from the Needs Area of the Data Base

When you search the Needs area of the data base, you're looking for companies who have checked off the SIC Codes that represent what your company makes and/or sells. To illustrate what's in the data base though, below is a portion of one user's entries in the Needs area of the data base. If you sold printing services, you would get a hit on this prospect; and there's a pretty good chance that you would sell him something.

  • 0013 Corporate Marketing and Sales
  • 5541 Gasoline Service Stations
  • 00138 Sales/Advertising/Marketing Execs
  • 2732C Pamphlets, printing only or printing and folding
  • 27545 Advertising printing (gravure)
  • 481207 Cellular Telephone Services
  • 737601 Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • 874810 Sales Promotion Services
  • 2652061 Stationery and office supplies
  • 2754511 Direct mail, including circulation data

Leads from the Products and Services Area of the Data Base

Another way to find a lead is by making the inference that someone needs your product based on what they make and/or sell. Below is a partial list of SIC Codes that a user entered in the Products and Services area. If you sold electric motors, belts or channel iron, you would find this to be an attractive opportunity. If you sold office equipment, you could still infer a need.

  • 3535 Conveyor & Conveying Equipment
  • 35353 Unit handling conveyors
  • 3535309 Gravity conveyors (skate wheel)
  • 3535347 All other, such as pallet conveyors
  • 3535505 Belt conveyors and systems
  • 3537326 Palletizers and depalletizers

Here's a user in the Baked Goods business. If you sold ovens, flour or chocolate, you might think this was a pretty good prospect. Again, you could also infer that this company needed electrical service, computers, a web site, insurance, automobiles, and many other commodities, as well. They might even be interested in conveyor systems.

  • 205 Bakery Products
  • 2052 Cookie & Cracker Manufacturers
  • 20522 Cookies, wafers, and ice cream
  • 2052217 Chocolate chip cookies
  • 2052218 Oatmeal cookies
  • 2052220 Other cookies and wafers
  • 2053 Frozen bakery products

Leads from the Company Descriptions Area of the Data Base

This is probably the easiest way that people find leads. They simply search for the types of companies that would buy their products. (We think that there are better ways, such as what you read above, but they take some getting used to.)

If you sold computers, warehouse equipment, forklifts, office supplies, insurance, etc., you might find this company to be a good lead.

"XXX provides power quality solutions for commercial and industrial facilities. This includes devices and services to eliminate the costly downtime resulting from power problems such as voltage sags, brief outages and damaging voltage transients. We distribute a breakthrough device known as the Dynamic Sag Corrector (DySC, pronounced 'DISK'), a battery-free ride-through device that protects sensitive electronics and controls from the effects of voltage sags and brief outages. We also distribute a full line of energy-efficient lighting fixtures, components and retrofit kits."

If you sold computers, ISP services or, obviously, dozens of other things, this next company would be a good lead.

"XYZ is the one-stop, 24x7, new and used forklift dealership on your desktop. We offer nearly every make and model and if you aren't sure about the forklift you need, we will you find the right lift in the right place for the right price! We have more than a quarter century experience selling new and used forklifts in a variety of markets and we have combined that experience with the best and brightest on the internet so you can buy on your time, on your terms, online! Buying a new or used XYZ forklift is as simple as A,B,C. A. Tell use what kind of Forklift you need. B. Tell us how you want to pay for it. C. Tell us when and where to deliver it. That's it! Then, we get back to you with low E-Pricing and answers to your questions within 24 hours . . . guaranteed!*"

More importantly, you may recognize that the first user is probably a very good prospect for the second user (since most distributors of heavy equipment use forklifts,) and the second user is probably a very good prospect for the first user (since, if their network goes down they can't ship material.) And that's what The Lead Generator is all about: leveraging your needs to get high quality sales leads.


Hopefully, this will wet your appetite. And it might also suggest that the more (and better) data that you put in, the more (and better) leads you will get out. If you don't think that this type of quality will make you more money, that's okay; feel free to go back to cold calling! Otherwise, all you have to do is register, follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide, and you're on your way.

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