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What To Do About Spurious Data

It is our goal at The Lead Generator to provide you with the highest quality leads at the lowest possible cost. And the process of having users supply the infomation, as implemented by The Lead Generator, can be very effective in achieving both objectives. At the same time, however, occasionally, spurious data may appear in the data base, placed there either on purpose or by accident by a user.

Spurious or "junk" data can include Needs that do not accurately reflect a company's purchasing requirements, Products and Services that are not actually offered by the company, Leads that contain nonsense, or misleading Ads or Company Descriptions. While we can't warrant the quality of the information, we don't want bad data to persist in the data base either.

In order to keep costs down and quality up (i.e. so we don't have to hire an army of proofreaders,) we request that if you see spurious or junk data in the data base, please do the following:

  • First, send a message to the person who posted it using the messaging sub-system. He or she may not be aware that it is there, or that is is viewed as spurious.
  • You can flag the entry as inappropriate.
  • If the data persists, please report it to Customer Service .

Also, if you have spurious or junk data in your file, please remove it. Remember, other users WILL see it, and will identify you as someone with whom they will not want to do business.

It is our policy that users who maintain junk data in their files will be blocked from accessing the data base. If we get two or more complaints, the user will be immediately removed from the system.

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