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Success Stories

The Lead Generator can provide lots of highly qualified sales leads. And although we don't hear about most of them (because we don't make a habit of reading your mail,) we occasionally hear about what's going on out there. (By the way, if you have a story you'd like to share, click here.)

Here are a few stories that illustrate what's possible:

Fix my motors, please

When we say that The Lead Generator can find leads for anyone, we like to believe it, but we know that if there aren't enough users in a particular geographic area yet, you may have to wait a little while to get a hit. That's how this fellow must have felt: He was in the business of selling repair parts for electric motors.

Being in sales, where hope springs eternal, he went on The Lead Generator, where his first search turned up a company that repaired electric motors -- right in his home turf. They were relatively new to the business, and were looking for suppliers (and, of course, they were looking for people who needed to have there motors repaired.)

Needless to say, the system paid for itself very quickly for both of our friends.


Diapers, diapers, diapers

This has to be our all-time favorite story, and it comes from the previous version of The Lead Generator.

It seems that there was this guy who sold diapers for a big disposable diaper manufacturer. He found The Lead Generator, but insisted that there was "no way" (his words,) that the system would have anything for him. After all, who was going to go online looking for baby diapers?

Boy, was he wrong.

Despite his doubts, he went on the system anyway and posted his Needs, his Products and Services (which, of course, included his disposable diapers,) and other information. The next day he got a message on the system from a doctor in Russia who needed disposable diapers for his children's hospital in Moscow. In fact, he needed TWO CARLOADS PER MONTH (note: a carload, as in a TRAIN CAR, not some dinky little sedan.)

They closed the deal and, needless to say, our friend made his quota for the year.


Locks of Luck

The original Lead Generator actually was a bbs (a bulletin board system,) running in South Jersey. The idea was to connect buyers and sellers in a geographic area, or within a community of interests like a Chamber of Commerce (little did we know...)

Anyway, there was a distributor that sold furnishings to hotels (things like beds, sheets, art, furniture, etc.,) who was looking for new lines to rep; and there was another company that had developed an innovative door lock that was ideal for hotels. They met online and, as they say, the rest is history.


Do you have a Story to Add?

Submit your success story to Successes; we'd love the examples.

And remember, the number of leads you get is a function of how active you are on the system (searching, posting, making inferences, networking, responding to messages, and promoting the system to new users.)

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