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What is a “Win-Win”?

On the Lead Generator, as elsewhere, a win-win is when both parties get what they want. As opposed to a zero-sum game where somebody has to lose if someone else wins, a win-win is a situation where everyone can benefit. The Lead Generator is specifically designed to create a win-win situation, making it easy for you to identify potential prospects (or partners,) who are seeking the same thing, by showing you their Win Bar in the search results.

In brief, if you’re like most users on the Lead Generator, you want to increase your sales, and maybe reduce your costs, too. On the Lead Generator, as you would expect, there are many other users who want to do the same thing – that is, to find new sales, and maybe lower their costs, too.

When you post your Company’s Description, Needs, Products & Services and Organization Chart, answer your Messages, etc., you’re basically declaring that you’re willing to participate in the game – that you’re willing to put in your company's information in order to get access to other companies’ information - which is the information that you want, just as other users want your information.

When other users do a search, they’ll see your Win Bar (i.e. the status bar at the top of your screen that indicates what you’ve posted, and whether it’s up-to-date.) If your information is posted and up-to-date, then your Win Bar will be completely green, indicating that you’re willing to help create the Win-Win situation by putting in your company’s data. If not, other users will see that you haven’t done your part, and they’re unlikely to want to do business with you - so remember to post your company's data and keep it up-to-date.

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